Session given in English.

Moderator: Per Wågström, Jönköping

Keynote föreläsare: Mark Ponsford, Cardiff, Wales

Medverkande: Peter Bergman, Stockholm

Sessionen kommer att behandla den kliniska bilden vid komplikaitoner till följd av CVID (Common variable immunodeficiency) – lymfocytär infiltration i organ och enteropatier etc. Det finns en grupp patienter med allvarligare klinik och med tråkigt förlopp med dålig överlevnad utan åtgärd av dessa. Vi kommer även att uppmärksamma den behandlings-konsensus vi i norden har kring dessa.

Mark Ponsford is a clinical academic with an interest in translational and applied aspects of immunology. Training in molecular and clinical medicine at Oxford University, he has gone onto complete the prestigious master’s course in Medical Immunology at King’s College London.

Motivated by our limited understanding of infections of the upper airway and available therapeutics, he is a key investigator of the Burden of Infection in Primary Antibody Deficiency (BIPAD) project- representing the most intensive study in this field to date. His wider research interests included international collaboration in whole exome/genome sequencing programmes and have provided novel insights into overlaps between antibody deficiency and psychiatry. He is currently supported in pre-doctoral research by the Wellcome Trust Clinical Primer Award scheme to explore the immunomodulatory effects of the antipsychotic clozapine. Together these projects help provide important insights to factors governing infection susceptibility, and impact future studies driving the development of better treatments.